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    About Arielle Geismar

    "My name is Arielle, which means lioness in Hebrew. As a born and raised New Yorker, I strive to incorporate the identity of my name into the work that I do: resilient, outspoken, and unyielding. I've worked on campaigns, organizations, and protests across the country, helping to amplify the voices of the youth. It is up to us, especially those with privilege, to pass the mic and make sure that all voices and stories are being told and listened to. Youth have a specific job to support each other and not only speak our beliefs but act on them through motions like lobbying, protesting, fundraising, and voting. No one else will fight for us. It's up to us. My goal is to help and support others who have and are trying to find their voice through activism and social justice work. The more powerful, informed, and organized the youth is, the more we are able to create change within our communities and our country. We'll be the ones to make it happen -- we are the ones everyone has been waiting for." 

     Arielle Geismar: Causes I Advocate For

    "I am the Founder and Executive Director of NYC's Say Enough, fighting against gun violence in NYC as well as my chapter's Co-President for Girls Learn International, a United Nations advocacy group for girls' education in developing nations. I am the Regional Coordinator for Women's March Youth Empower, in addition to working on youth outreach for Motivote."

    About Arielle Geismar with BOY MEETS GIRL®

    "There's something powerful to be said about wearing your beliefs on your sleeve -- literally. Our society is riddled with issues and I think that allowing people the opportunity to speak their mind in such a direct way and non-verbal way opens the door for discussion. It serves as a daily reminder that there's work to do. We live in a time of unfortunate uncertainty, and the fact that BOY MEETS GIRL® allows people to support causes and the people working on them is unique and bold. We need more boldness in this world."

    Shop Arielle Geismar's Collection & Give Back

    Arielle Geismar is the ambassador that advocates for women's equality & gun control. The charity of Arielle's choice is Planned Parenthood. Use Arielle's code ARIELLE10 to shop her collection. You will get 10% off, and a percentage from the sale will go back to Planned Parenthood & the organizations that are already associated with certain products.