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    This collaboration, as part of the Boy Meets Girl® x Care Bears exclusive collection, includes pins donning the iconic Boy Meets Girl® logo with the huggable, lovable Care Bears. A collection of the pins were sold exclusively at high-end Paris retailer colette featuring the signature blue. A separate exclusive collection will be sold at the PINTRILL flagship store in Brooklyn, New York, PINTRILL.COM and to U.S. retailers.  

    Stacy Igel, Boy Meets Girl® Founder and Creative Director shares, “I have been collecting pins since I was a little girl. I coined the term #sportscollars on my blog in 2012 and showcased my vintage pins, ranging from designs of my favorite team logos to a clever basket hoop. I have been dressing my denim and collars with pins since I can remember.” Igel continues, “So, combining this love with the pin gods – otherwise known as PINTRILL, an 80’s nostalgic brand – Care Bears, and my brand – Boy Meets Girl®, is the ultimate dream.”

    “I love working on projects that help me connect back to my childhood,” Jordan Roschwalb, President and Co-Founder of PINTRILL explained. “I started PINTRILL because I always loved collecting pins when I was a kid, and it’s great to be able to be part of the Boy Meets Girl® x Care Bears 35th anniversary collaboration to celebrate the nostalgia.”

    Boy Meets Girl and Care Bears are collaborating once again to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Care Bears. The collection is exclusive to Colette, and has been featured in WWD, Allure, Hello Giggles, and more. See here

    Stacy Igel, Boy Meets Girl Founder and Creative Director shared, “I grew up with the pop-culture phenomenon of Care Bears™, and the opportunity to help celebrate their 35th Anniversary with an extra-special collection is so exciting! In November 2015, Boy Meets Girl launched in colette, and I am pumped to further the brand’s expansion through the unique collections and to see Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears in the window at colette.”

    Sarah Andelman, Creative Director of colette, explained, “We love Boy Meets Girl, and we love Care Bears – so the two together can only be beyond cute! We’re happy we could develop an exclusive collection to commemorate 35 years of Care Bears in 2017, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to launch this loveable collection!”

    Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears is exclusive to Colette in Paris to view the the whole collection click here.

    Stacy Igel, Boy Meets Girl founder and creative director, said: “I grew up loving Care Bears and now my whole family is filled with Care Bears fans, including my 22-month-old son."

    “I am thrilled to contribute a unique spin on Care Bears that connects Boy Meets Girl’s loyal fans to a brand beloved for so many years.”

    "Nora Wong, vp domestic licensing at American Greetings Entertainment, added: “We’re excited about the creative nuances Stacy of Boy Meets Girl brings to Care Bears and believe that Colette is the perfect retailer for this limited edition launch to appeal to our fan-base worldwide.”



    "We are THRILLED to announce that Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl has designed an exclusive NYMxBMG bag that is now available at Ulta Beauty (it's FREE with any $15+ NYM purchase!!)" - Not Your Mother

    Images: Sophie Elgort Studio




    We are about...connections, collaborations, and our stories. We might rub shoulders with you on the subway or at a summer concert. We might dance with you in the rain. We might ask you for directions navigating our way through New York City and scribble your answers on a napkin. We might all have the same coffee place where the man at the counter knows the order without even uttering a word - you’ve been coming to this coffee shop every morning for 2 years.

    Boy Meets Girl®...what a limitless story that beginning can create. Maybe romance, a new friend, and more often than not, a small moment shared that only lasts a few seconds, maybe minutes, but inspires so many more. We create fashion rooted from these connections. Fashion and collaborations that stem from the interesting people we meet, the experiences we share, and the aspirations we strive for.

    A young contemporary brand for our girl... she’s fun and fearless, wild yet modest, strong but soft. She loves with her entire soul, and lives life with wonder, courage, and enthusiasm. Always on the go, her style must be easy and effortless, functional and stunning. She doesn’t always have time for a morning bedroom fashion show, but she always has time for style - enters...Boy Meets Girl®.