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    BOY MEETS GIRL® X #ShowUp x @WellEgan Story 

    Maxwell and Finnegan are two best friends from New York City. Last September a video of them hugging, after they had been unable to play together for several days, gained worldwide attention. Millions shared the video, many saying it gave them hope for the future, because it showed Maxwell, a Black boy, and Finnegan, a White boy, able to have a friendship not defined by race. 

    Recently the video has had a resurgence on social media following the death of George Floyd and the many Black Lives Matter protests worldwide. It is seemingly still giving people hope for a better and brighter future.

    These items were created to help work toward the brighter future, that the video inspired, where racial justice is a realized goal.

    Too many people have suffered the terrible consequences of living in a racist society. The time is now to shoulder the responsibility and to join the fight for racial justice. 

    The co-collaboration was developed by Stacy Igel, Founder and Creative Director of BOY MEETS GIRL® and the incredible families of Maxwell and Finnegan. “I have been so fortunate during these uncertain times to be able to collaborate with incredible humans and give back through my brand which I have been doing since inception. This collaboration [clothing items only] is in support of From Privilege to Progress’s National Movement to desegregate the conversation about race. Spreading love over hate has been my underlining mission and bringing together communities to open the conversation and to learn is what we all need to be doing right now. We need to show up and STAND TOGETHER. I have been asked in many interviews if a tee can make a change and I do believe yes we can bring and unite people together. It all starts with learning,” said Igel.

    50% of the net proceeds from the clothing items will go to From Privilege to Progress.

    50% of the net proceeds from the tote bag & pouch will go to The Conscious Kid.

    Check out some of the latest press: 

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