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    As featured in Women's Wear DailyBOY MEETS GIRL®'s collaboration with SMILEY ORIGINALS is here to celebrate “More Self Love.” This limited-edition collaboration, stemming from BOY MEETS GIRL®’s most recent successful collaboration in Paris at colette, includes a street vibe collection featuring the iconic Boy Meets Girl® logo and the original SMILEY logo exclusively at high-end Paris concept store OSCAR PARIS. A select collection was available on, with the pins being available on The collection is also available on

    Stacy Igel, BOY MEETS GIRL® Founder and Creative Director shared, “I am excited to head back to Paris during Paris Fashion Week to launch this collaboration with the Original Smiley. Since working with colette for several seasons and building a Parisian fan base, it is exciting to work with what I believe is the “next” colette with OSCAR PARIS and bring my loyal customers a new collaboration that I know they will covet. Expect some fun surprises too!”

    Jason Elbaz, Creative Director of OSCAR PARIS explained, “We’ve always been interested in Boys Meet Girl® and in Smiley, so getting the two of them in the store can only create sparks! We’re happy we could develop an exclusive collection with them, and the summer Paris Fashion Week is the perfect time to launch!”

    “SMILEY is about cool, positive vibes and we’re excited to co-create with Boy Meets Girl, a brand that also embodies our own brand message,” says co-founder Nicolas Loufrani. “Streetwear is a global trend that represents a state of mind and transcends generations and Smiley is experiencing huge growth in this category. Partnering with Boy Meets Girl® USA to authentically share our brand’s messaging: self-love and choosing happiness is right on point in today’s fashion climate.”