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    Collaborating in support of Impact Lebanon, Stacy Igel, Creative Director of BOY MEETS GIRL®, and Brooklyn-based Lebanese artist Annabel Daou have come together to promote this collection. Titled “#FORBEIRUT,” the unisex adult and kids t-shirts pays tribute to all the innocent people who lost their lives in the explosion, while also serving as a token of hope for those still fighting for justice. 

    On August 4th, 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut, killing hundreds, wounding thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands from their destroyed homes. The Lebanese were already experiencing a crisis before the explosion, due to decades of government corruption and negligence. Covid-19, food shortages, rationed electricity, crumbling infrastructure and barely existent social services have taken a heavy toll on the country’s inhabitants. The Lebanese pound has seen its value decline by 70% over the past few months, and many have lost their life’s savings. 

    BOY MEETS GIRL® x Annabel Daou #ForBeirut collection benefits the work of Impact Lebanon, an organization that is playing an essential role in the urgent relief effort in Beirut. Currently sold on the BOY MEETS GIRL® website, the shirts retail at $25 for kids and $29 for adults with proceeds going back to Impact Lebanon.

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