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    We all were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is unfortunately still around us today (we are praying for a brighter future, please continue to wear a mask where needed)! 

    Everyone around the world had to scramble and change their working environments and their lives. We curated another group of BOY MEETS GIRL® goodies to celebrate you, and give back to communities at the same time. This GIVE BACK EDIT is also in support of other small businesses & budding entrepreneurs. Collaborating has been something we have done as a brand since inception, and we aim to help others do the same as community is key, while also giving back. 

    Welcome to THE GIVE BACK EDIT, which is in support of Center on Halsted, Youth Over Guns, The Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, Gathering for Justice, & the National School Climate Center's BullyBust program, and more.

    Tap the above image or here to check out our #STOPHATE collaboration.