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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — anosha lewis

    BOY MEETS GIRL® x Strawberry Shortcake is HERE!

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Merchandising Strategist Anosha Lewis

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Merchandising Strategist Anosha Lewis

    Tell us a little about you! 

    "I am a born and bred New Yorker. I am the daughter of Indian immigrant parents who tried their best raising me & my brother in this crazy city — 40 years later I find myself doing the same with my kids. Each day is filled with varying emotions –worry/fear/anxiety balanced with awe/wonder/amazement that they are now part of the fabric of NYC and vice versa."

    What do you do?

    "I work for Madison Square Garden.   I lead the merchandising strategy for their Christmas Spectacular Show Starring the Radio City Rockettes.  More recently, my husband Mark shot a documentary on the grim NYC pandemic shutdown, called Outside In which also featured my family.  It is making its rounds in a few film festivals and will be showcased at the Producer’s Club on May 16th at 7pm."  

    Balance is key. How do you stay organized between family & work? 

    "This is a trick question. At work, to-do lists keep me sane.  At home with family, to-do lists are generally thrown out the window.  Fortunately, my current work environment is filled with women at different stages in their life and career, usually with their own struggles in balancing work and family life.  They are incredibly supportive of familial duties and don’t hold family responsibilities against you. Sounds logical?  Unfortunately, I have been in working environments where this was not the case. It makes you appreciate the added level of support even more!"

    Name another mom who inspires you? Why? 

    "At this stage of my life, there are many inspirational moms in my circle of family & friends - with their own daily struggles doing the best they can and giving it their all each day. I can’t list one – but I can list 50 easily."

    #ChangeMakerMoms make #FutureBoss kids - how does your child inspire you? 

    "My kids are still very young and full of imagination!  By nature, I am a logical thinker more data driven than creative.  Being around them forces me to think different.  I relish their imagination & creativity.  Santa Claus, Leprechauns, Easter Bunnies, Tooth Fairies…we will be keeping these alive in our household for as long as possible!"

    What’s your pump-up song for starting your day? 

    "Depends on the day.  Most weekdays, it is just the morning routine playing in my head. On running days, it is The White Stripe’s ‘Seven Army Nation’. On weekends it is Preservation Hall Jazz Band. However, I am currently on a prolonged Hamilton soundtrack kick."

    Drop some organizations you are passionate about that gives back to women and/or momma's around the world. 

    "Concern, Doctor’s Without Borders."