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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — michelle park

    BOY MEETS GIRL® x Strawberry Shortcake is HERE!

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Journalist Michelle Park

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Journalist Michelle Park

    Tell us a little about you!

    "I'm a mom of 2 littles and a lover of food."



    Balance is key. How do you stay organized between family & work?

    "The truth is, I don't. But, like all working moms out there, I try my best. It definitely takes a village."

    Name another mom who inspires you? Why?

    "I'm inspired by so many moms and so it’s difficult for me to choose just one. Let me put it like this: I have mom-friends out there who are so on top of their family’s schedules and routines – and I become instantly inspired by how they’re able to maintain that level of organization and structure. I also have mom-friends who run global companies and accomplish major career milestones while also being able to dedicate time to their families, and so I get inspired by them. Then, I have mom friends who are so connected with their kids, who spend the time and the energy to understand and learn about them, and I'm inspired. There's no shortage of these moms and when I see any of them, it inspires me to be a better mom."

    Some days are tough, what's a quote that keeps you going?

    "Ninjas never quit." - my 6 year old daughter

    #ChangeMakerMoms make #FutureBoss kids - how does your child inspire you?

    "My kids are two of the most interesting and confident people I've ever met. They push me to learn and think about things in a new light. Most importantly, they force me to be present in the current moment."

    Ask your child/children, what is their favorite thing about their mom? 

    "I love when my mom plays games with me." - E, 3 yrs old

    What's your pump-up song for starting your day?

    "Currently, I meditate on the Core App to get pumped up!"

    Drop some organizations you are passionate about that gives back to women and/or momma's around the world.