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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — nicole young

    BOY MEETS GIRL® x Strawberry Shortcake is HERE!

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Food & Beverage Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, and Writer Nicole Young

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Food & Beverage Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, and Writer Nicole Young


    "I am a food and beverage entrepreneur, a broadcaster and a writer.  I'm the CEO of Frisky Whiskey, I host and produce TV news segments and I contribute food, beauty, style and wellness articles for Scary Mommy and HuffPost."

    Balance is key. How do you stay organized between family & work? 

    "I cannot lie I don’t really have the answer to “how” I stay organized bet work and family life because I almost never feel completely “organized” and most days I’m not sure if I’m balancing or just riding the wave.   What I can say is that when it comes to work life and home life I’m nothing without my family. Having an extremely supportive husband whose always willing to pitch in on the home front (and at times the work front) definitely helps.  I also have to shout out my cousin Matt Moreira who literally gets me together.  He is my eyes and ears and anytime I’m even close to organized, it’s because of him."

    Name another mom who inspires you? Why?

    "Can I name 2?!  Lisa Ling inspires me.  She is a CLINICin time management and making the most of the time with your children.  She travels the world, tells the most compelling stories for a living and is imparting that worldly knowledge on her two beautiful daughters. The second is my own mom, who inspires me every day by being the most supportive, encouraging cheerleader a child could ever have. There is nothing more motivating than the support of your parents."

    Some days are tough, what's a quote that keeps you going?

    "It's incredibly cliche but for me, "Rome wasn't built in a day" is KEY.  I remind myself everyday that staying committed to my goals and busting my ass until they've come to fruition is the only way they're going to come to fruition. Period."

    #ChangeMakerMoms make #FutureBoss kids - how does your child inspire you? 

    "My son Cole is such a determined little guy and his persistence and fearlessness inspires me every single day. I'm also kind of inspired by and in awe of his long eyelashes."  

    Ask your child/children, what is their favorite thing about their mom?  

    "Cole says his favorite thing about me is when we play with dinosaurs together and read our stories."

    What's your pump-up song for starting your day? 

    Lights Camera Action (Remix), Mr. Cheeks featuring Puffy and Missy Elliot

    Drop some organizations you are passionate about that gives back to women and/or momma's around the world.