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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — today show

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    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Lifestyle Producer for TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Sarah Clagett

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with Lifestyle Producer for TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Sarah Clagett

    Tell us a little about you! 

    "HI! I’m a mom of two boys, a proud wife, and Lifestyle Producer for TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.  I also love Pilates & red wine."

    Balance is key. How do you stay organized between family & work? 

    "BALANCE is tough. Sometimes, I think it doesn’t exist.  It seems there is always one item, subject, or person that gets more attention. At present, I’m really trying to focus on my family as well as career. My boys will only be young once, so I want to truly enjoy every minute.. One day I’ll look back and think about all these moments at baseball and soccer games, art class, school drop off and pick up, and I’ll wish I could do it all again. I don’t want to miss a thing. Please don’t tell my boss, but when I’m 80, I doubt that I’ll be yearning for all that time in the office. Having said that, I also believe I have a tremendous flexible job and work my tush off. Plus, I think being a hands-on mom makes me a better TV producer."

    Name another mom who inspires you? Why? 

    "At this stage of my life, there are many inspirational moms in my circle of family & friends - with their own daily struggles doing the best they can and giving it their all each day. I can’t list one – but I can list 50 easily. My own mom inspires me. She always has been, and still is, there for my brothers and me, during our childhood and as adults. She pushes me when I need it. She pushed and inspired me to move to NYC from the Midwest. She encouraged me to set high goals and self-expectations with my career at NBC TODAY. She coached me and had my back when I bought my first home (and third) in NYC. I might never have seen my own potential without my mom. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader and her actions have inspired me to be a better mom to my two boys.  Nobody loves you more than your mom."

    Some days are tough, what's a quote that keeps you moving?

    "I try to remember when the day is tough, it’s just a phase.  Everything is just a phase. While the phases can be really tough, they, too, will pass. Kevin Bacon once talked about phases in the documentary, “Fatherhood.” I think about it regularly and I believe it’ll stick with me for life. Soon the phase changes and ends and that phase will be a memory in the past.  The next phase will be a challenge for the future."

    What’s your pump-up song for starting your day? 

    "Right now my pump up song is “Praise the Lord,” by Breland.  I also just love everything about COLDPLAY music."

    Drop some organizations you are passionate about that gives back to women and/or momma's around the world. 

    "My son Wyatt was a micro-preemie born at 24 weeks.  The NICU experience is a trauma for any mom & the “Journey Bead” program was developed to help celebrate milestones and to help parents with PTSD. I give my love and admiration to any organization that helps preemies, especially groups that focus on the familial mental needs of parents during those challenging times."