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    BOY MEETS GIRL® x Strawberry Shortcake is HERE!

    #STOPHATE: As Featured in Women's Wear Daily

    #STOPHATE: As Featured in Women's Wear Daily

    They say if you want something done right and fast just ask a mom, and that sentiment extends to the fight against hate and bullying as well. Just in time for the return to school, founder of BOY MEETS GIRL® Stacy Igel, a mom herself who is passionate about bringing awareness and support to causes that work to stop hate and bullying, announces her latest collaboration for a cause. Stacy has joined forces with fellow mom Dr. Zabina Bhasin M.D., founder of InKidz, which creates kid-focused activity boxes and other products that teach about cultures and traditions around the world, while inspiring them to create a world that embraces diversity of all kinds.

    Their co-creation of a special #STOPHATE Box packed with an official BOY MEETS GIRL®  #STOPHATE campaign t-shirt, traditional Indian Bond Band bracelets, and other toys and activities will support Stacy’s ongoing efforts with the National School Climate Center’s campaign to end bullying and combat hate. The box will retail for $89 and 20% of the net sales will be donated back to the NSCC BullyBust campaign. Boxes will be sold on both BOY MEETS GIRL®  & InKidz websites.

    To spearhead this campaign Stacy enlisted Luis Hernandez, a fellow BOY MEETS GIRL® Cause Ambassador who has worked with Stacy on several campaigns and conferences to bring together incredible youth activists making change on the ground floor, in the real world. The campaign was shot remotely and Stacy asked each activist what color means to them and what stop hate means to them. With this data she joined forces with the new app QMocha to help each ambassador to use color to communicate their emotional response to hate. The QMocha app is a full service solution providing tools for virtual photoshoots as well as the ability to track and manage influencer campaigns. “We are thrilled to work with Stacy to help Luis and each youth activist to uniquely and authentically use imagery and colors to communicate with their audiences for a great cause. Our analytics will help Stacy understand how choices of color and texture resonate with each activist’s audience.” -Arvind Baliga, CEO and founder of QMocha.

    Says Stacy, "I can’t stress enough how important participating in this collaboration was, because before anything I’m a mom and a mom who wants her son’s world to be a bit better and kinder in the future, for him and other children. Working with Luis whom I have been working with for many years to bring together incredible ambassadors making change and finding a brand like InKidz and its founder Zabina who are equally dedicated to this cause made this a big YES.  I’m also really interested in the concept of what color means to each of us, and the symbolism people attach to colors based on their own story, just like the changemakers in our campaign. With this App we will be able to learn how color theory plays a role in people’s beliefs and their buying habits.”

    Says Dr. Zabina Bhasin of InKidz, “This campaign is being launched by two moms from different backgrounds, who are different colors, with different stories - but we share a hope that our own children will one day live in a world without hate and bullying - and recent events across the country made the need for action even more pressing.  It's an honor to do my part to help create that world with Stacy and BOY MEETS GIRL®.  As a child whose bullying led her to the work she does today, I know that even the smallest moments of connection and education can lead to big changes, and I believe our #STOPHATE campaign will be able to do just that.”


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