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    We are coming together with our friend Sean Bradford to celebrate his release of "Fight for Your Light PT. II" and the FFYL Playlist. At a time of uncertainty, we want to bring joy into the holiday season, and this is the collaboration to do it. 

    GLAM4GOOD will receive 20% of the net proceeds from every BOY MEETS GIRL® x "Fight for Your Light" sale.

    Read more about the inspiration & meaning behind FFYL below:  

    "Fight for Your Light means just that. We often stand in our own way. The world can also get dark and try to tell us who we have to be instead of who we are. Now more than ever, it’s important to lean into happiness, to lean in joy. But it’s hard - you have to actively fight for happiness. The song initially was about mental health and how I had to overcome growing up in an environment where my self-esteem and confidence were constantly challenged. I wanted to give people something they could put on and instantly feel happy and re-energized. Especially during the winter months, a little extra joy goes a long way."

    Want to get into the FFYL Spirit? Check out the song here & the playlist here.