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    About Luis Hernandez

    "I’m a youth organizer and activist. Fighting for the rights of every child of color. I have participated in, and led, many demonstrations. I was one of the lead organizers for the Youth Over Guns march over the Brooklyn Bridge. Throughout my activism I have campaigned for criminal justice reform, bail reform, gun control and an end to the school-to-prison pipeline. I believe the youth should empower one another and fight for vital causes even if it doesn’t personally impact us. It took for me to be personally impacted by the criminal justice system to get involved. I fought for my brother's freedom and became a champion for criminal justice reform and gun violence prevention as he became a cause celebre for bail reform. I realized that the fight will not be over until every person of color is treated fairly and equally. My efforts eventually transpired into persistently combating all injustices that marginalized communities of color face."

    Luis Hernandez: Causes I Advocate For

    "I am the Executive Director of Youth Over Guns, the Director of Communications at Shattering the Silence, and the National Organizer for Women's March Youth Empower - in which I am advocating for gun violence prevention and gun control. Then, through the Justice League NYC/Gathering for Justice, I am a coordinator and member. Through these organizations, I am advocating for criminal justice reform." 

    About Luis Hernandez with BOY MEETS GIRL®

    "I am working with BOY MEETS GIRL® because they are leveraging their platform as a company, and clothing designers——To not only put out empowering messages, but also support charities/nonprofit organizations who are doing amazing work for the same causes I care about. It is important to not only uplift, but financially invest in those fighting for vital causes."

    Shop Luis Hernandez's Collection & Give Back

    Luis Hernandez is the ambassador that advocates for gun control & criminal justice reform. The charity of Luis's choice is Gathering for Justice/Justice League NYC. Use Luis's code LUIS10 to shop his collection. You will get 10% off, and a percentage from the sale will go back to Gathering for Justice/Justice League NYC & the organizations that are already associated with certain products.

    BOY MEETS GIRL® Hoodie