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    About Riya Kataria

    "I am a student speaker, writer, and leader. As a woman of color growing up in this highly polarizing political climate, I’ve always felt the urge to get involved. Most recently, I was able to interview former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. However, over the past couple of years, I have begun using the power of social media to my advantage. I use my platform for advocacy, whether it be for women’s rights, gun control, educational reform, or more. Being an advocate has allowed me to appreciate the importance of using my voice, leading me to start my own non-profit organization, Picket Fence Academy. I believe that each individual has a voice. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a childhood where people embraced my exuberant ideas. It is essential that we foster an environment like that for everyone, no matter their age, race, gender, or background."

    Riya Kataria: Causes I Advocate For

    "I am a member of the National Women’s March Youth Team. In addition, I have started a national student organization called Students Rise, in which we advocate for better working conditions for teachers. I am a delegate for the International Congress of Youth Voices, a conference for the top 100 youth leaders in the world. This, along with being the CEO of Picket Fence Academy, has led me to advocating for greater public speaking education."

    About Riya Kataria with BOY MEETS GIRL®

    "I am partnering with BOY MEETS GIRL® because they have found an effective way to combine fashion with activism. Their mission is admirable and their implementation has an impact."

    Shop Riya Kataria's Collection & Give Back

    Riya Kataria is the ambassador that advocates for the public speaking education for all. The charity of Riya's choice is Picket Fence Academy. Use Riya's code RIYA10 to shop her collection. You will get 10% off, and a percentage from the sale will go back to Picket Fence Academy & the organizations that are already associated with certain products.