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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — earth day

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    BOY MEETS GIRL® x COOL EFFECT: Meet Reza Cristian

    BOY MEETS GIRL® x COOL EFFECT: Meet Reza Cristian

    Reza Cristian, Founder of SUSTAIN Magazine - Originally from Southern California, Reza came to study journalism and pursue fashion in NYC. Formerly a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Reza felt the need to do something more. That's when SUSTAIN was born, with a goal to utilize the online media platform to normalize sustainability.


    Why is it important to celebrate Earth Day every day?

    "Earth Day shouldn’t just be on one day, our Earth is the place we live and breathe on. It’s really important that we take care of our mother."

    What does sustainability mean to you?

    "Sustainability is a way of life where we take into account to make our resources long lasting. It’s inclusive and diverse, people have been practicing sustainable ideologies for a long time before the term has been around recently. We need to learn from them." 

    How does sustainability impact the way you shop?

    "I tend to shop less for pleasure and more for necessities such as food. Buying bulk for instance is great and the first zero-waste grocery store called Precycle. We need to really ask ourselves if we need something before buying. When it comes to clothes, I buy second-hand a lot of the time."

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