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    BOY MEETS GIRL® BLOG — stacy igel

    As Featured in WWD: Boy Meets Girl x Blueberry Takes On the Metaverse

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with our Founder & Creative Director Stacy Igel

    #ChangeMakerMoms: Q&A with our Founder & Creative Director Stacy Igel

    Tell us a little about you! 

    "I am a mom of a 7 ½-year-old who is growing way too fast :( I am the Founder & CCO of BOY MEETS GIRL® And I am currently writing my memoir/business book under Harper Collins. The pub date is March 2023! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

    Balance is key. How do you stay organized between family & work? 

    “Covid changed my perspective on it all. I do not think there is a defined word for balance in my world but I have found how to compartmentalize work from family and friend time. I have accepted that I am doing my best and that is all I can do.”

    Name another mom who inspires you? Why?

    “My Mama but also my Sister who is a Mom and all the other Moms I know who have had to find a way to cope during a global pandemic. I am in awe of the Moms who are nurses and doctors and what they have done for our world during covid. They showed up to help others even if they had children at home. They are our heroes."

    Some days are tough, what's a quote that keeps you going? 

    “I wrote a song during rough times which I have shared on my social. The start of it goes “I woke up this morning and got out of bed. I looked at the sun and I looked ahead. I believe in you if you believe in me. Together we will see.”

    #ChangeMakerMoms make #FutureBoss kids - how does your child inspire you?

    “Dylan asks me questions that make me think even more. He is like a sponge wanting to know all about the world. I am inspired by his thirst to learn. I am also inspired by his wanting to succeed in everything he does and do the best he can do.”

    What's your pump-up song for starting your day? 

    “Most recent (as my songs always change) is a song from the movie Coda. It is originally by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. This version is by Emilia Jones & Ferida Walsh-Peelo.”

    Drop some organizations you are passionate about that give back to women and/or momma's around the world. 

    Some incredible organizations run by momma’s … Mama Said, Hey Mama’s, The Mom’s Network, NYC Moms for a Cause, In Kind Boxes and so many more.